While We Are Here


She asked: “Why are we here on this Earth? I just can’t figure it out.”

“Let’s walk,” I said, “and see what we can see.”

So we did. We walked along the edge of the ocean, on that seam between the known and the deep, until the sun dropped us into the dark. I wager neither remembers what was said; neither did it matter. We were home.

As she turned to walk on her way, I spoke one last time.

“Why are we here on this Earth? I don’t know. I don’t. But I believe we are here to learn something — we are here to learn about ourselves; and realize and bring forth our own individual truths, our potentials, our love. And this cannot be learned and accomplished outside of human relationships. We are here to foster and nurture ourselves, but through the nurture and care and love for others. In return, we find ourselves less alone, less isolated, less afraid when we lie down for sleep. In return, we find courage to try again in the morning, we embrace renewed hope that things will be alright. We are here for each other.”

In the end, that is what happened, and how it all began.

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