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Hatred Love You Beware You lest you confuse the outward motions with the inner impulses for they are easily confused confusion you confused.

Sunday | October 9, 2016

The following is a Pasted Copy of some words in response to one long ago comment left here alone suggesting we pray for our hatred and then meditate on the same.

Hatred and Easy Remedy —

If hatred is easily remedied via prayer and meditation, and if these (prayer and meditation) are actions one must choose to engage, then is it fair to say the following?
Hatred can be easily remedied via prayer and meditation, both of which are choosable actions. 

However, there is no small amount of hatred in the world.

Therefore, even if hatred is remedied by the choosable actions of prayer and meditation, it nonetheless must be difficult to choose the actions of prayer and meditation.

For, were it easy to choose prayer and meditation, then there would be far less hatred in the world.

This raises the next question: Why are the actions of prayer and meditation not chosen more often?

For, given the amount of hatred in the world, which hatred is easily remedied via prayer and meditation, it is conjectured that prayer and meditation are choosable actions that are not chosen as often as, nor by as many as, they could be.

So, again: Why are prayer and meditation not chosen more often?

Does the hatred that is allegedly cured with prayer and meditation somehow, in some way, stymie the choosing of hatred-curing prayer and meditation?

Does hatred so hate it’s very own opposite that it regards the actions of prayer and meditation themselves with hatred?

Does hatred compel the spirit in which it (hatred) dwells to recoil from and flee from prayer and meditation, in a manner not unlike that which hatred for pain compels the hand to recoil and flee from an open flame?

Are such ideas even conjecturally possible?

And, if such is the dynamic of hatred faced with its own dissolution via prayer and meditation, how is this tyrant, i.e., hatred, to be battled and overthrown in a push by the spirit for a transferral of power?
And, as with all revolutions and transferrals of power, what is the nature of, and the risks of, the middle period between the ousting of the Old Ruler, and the coronation of the New Ruler?

That is, is the middle period a time of substantial risk whereby an unseen and unknown outlying rogue might assume the throne?

If so, then this complicates the matter far beyond the original, assumed simplicity of what seemed to be the rather casual choice, or choices, of prayer and meditation.

In fact, the successful uprooting of hatred (and prevention of some far more odious tendency taking its place) may not be such an easy maneuver to accomplish after all.

It seems that hatred, whether rooted in spiritual disease or not, is not easily extinguished in favor of a more aesthetically pleasing tendency of the spirit.

Nor is it patently clear that hatred is in fact something that one should seek and strive and choose altogether to eliminate.

For, again, it is good to hate what is bad; we in fact should hate what is bad.

If hatred is bad, then we should hate hatred.

But, if hatred is eliminated from the spirit, then it comes to be impossible (or difficult) to possess hatred for hatred, i.e., to hate what is bad, namely, hatred.

If hatred is bad, and if we are unable to hate hatred, and if one effect of hatred is to keep at a distance (or destroy) that which is hated; then, without hatred in the spirit, the spirit comes to be naive regarding hatred and its many faces and manifestations and subtle airy modes of being, and it (the spirit) will not recognize and identify hatred when it draws close and offers its friendship.

On the other hand, if the (other) effect of hatred is to destroy what is hated, and if it is this very hatred itself that comes to be hated, then it does seem (I do conjecture) that hatred, whose primary (perhaps) action is that of destruction, itself would be that instrument or force leading to the destruction and demise of hatred, i.e., of itself. 

However, were this self destruction of hatred by hatred to be accomplished, there would remain nothing in the spirit to guard against a rebirth of hatred, nor against a cousin of hatred coming to occupy the now hatred-empty spirit.

I will admit that one would be near insane to honestly, and without a smile or secondary motive, suggest that hatred is not a spiritual disease, nor is hatred rooted in spiritual disease.

For, without (an attenuated) hatred in the spirit, the spirit would be utterly defenseless against being kidnapped by the hatred of another mother, and the spirit would have zero immunity against an unexpected, acute attack of all-possessing hatred.

Without the spirit owning and commanding an attenuated (moderated) hatred (not unlike one might own and command a ferocious dog), the spirit would be defenseless and would be unwittingly willing to let an unrecognized or disguised hatred into its house, risking a hostage situation that is far easier to prevent than to reverse.

All in all…

It does seem that, regarding hatred and prayer and meditation and spiritual disease, things are a good bit more complex than asserted in the original comment.

Or, if such things are not at all more complex than asserted in the original comment, then at least the account for the plausibility and truth and believability of the original comment is, or might be, very complex.

At the very least, something surrounding this topic, i.e., hatred and spiritual disease and prayer & meditation, is complex.

However, not being the one to pen the original comment, I am not the one to whom the provision of an account falls.

In fact, the original comment seems to straightaway diverge, even ignore, the actual post itself: “Hatred and Love: Twins, the older son, and the younger daughter, of…”

Granted, I have edited the original post somewhat. Regardless, the commenter focused upon ‘hatred’ as a choice of some sort, ignoring the assertion that Hatred and Love are twins, and that Hatred is the older twin, a brother, and Love is the younger twin, a sister.

It is always interesting (and sometimes telling) to see what someone chooses to ignore.

At any rate, and whatever the case may be, I am patiently eager for the commenter to address my questions and my concerns and my conjectures.

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