Work Before Play



This is something I am working on. I will make it visible. Therefore, you can see it — and —  see if it changes.

If you have a look at it, and it looks all jumbled, then that’s because it looks all jumbled.

There is nothing wrong with it. This is how it how it is right now.

Resting quietly. Until I return.

As something I am working on, when I am working on it, it is always changing.

That is what work does — it changes things — into something else.

With enough work, you can change anything into something else.

However, the choices are not unlimited in number. This prevents making mud into gold.

However, the choices are also uncountable. Ostensibly making all possibilities equally good.

Equally good is good. But there are two remaining variables.

When can I have it? How do I get it?

You can have it when I say it is yours. When do you want it?

And on it goes… And so…

The time it takes me to finish what I am doing here is more time than I have in one sitting. At some point, I have to stop. Just stop. And move on and do whatever is next.

Eat. Sleep. Answer the phone. Get out of the house with what I need before I go where I need to go because I need to go there before time gets away from me, it gets to be too late, and then what is done is done, and undone undone — permanently.

Work before play.

Even if this is true, it is not ok to enforce it with a lie.

Work before play

If you don’t have knowledge of this matter, then in whatever way you enforce this rule, for yourself, or for others, you are enforcing it with a lie.

Work before play

If you don’t know whether or not something is true, and you talk as if you do, then you are lying about the reliability of your story, simply by saying it out loud to someone else, or even quietly, with yourself.

The lie is not found in the verifiability of what is said. The lie is found in the asking of the other to be persuaded that work before play is true, and ALSO that it is / would be a good idea to TRUST me that I know what I am talking about. That I have knowledge.

That you can trust me. And do things I suggest. To your kids. Without anyone knowing. Other kids too. With only words. It’s that simple. It is that easy.

Work before play

You are enforcing what might be right, without even knowing it. So, good.

Work before play.

However, unless you happen to have the instruction manual, the one that informs you of what goes before what in the order things we are to do, and also informs us of what happens if we do not follow the instructed order of things, and what to do then.

Work before play

Even if the missing manual agrees with you on the order of things, you still do not have the manual, the instruction manual, the document that tells you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and what not to do, whatever you do. You don’t have that document — you don’t know what not to do, nor what happens if you do.

Work before play

Without a statement of what not to do, and why not to do it, the worst case scenario is unknown to you. So you proceed without fear or respect or patience or care. This usually means you work as quickly as possible, as you can. The reasons for this are many, though not many can survive an actual investigation, most eventually ending in a personal conflict, and a statement of the nobility of personal style and maybe even something about it being a free country, the last time things were checked, confident that things have not so radically changed such that an appeal to the country being free will not be challenged, providing enough time for escape before the silencing power of an idiotic statement wears off.

Work before play

That is why that statement, and others, are put there, behind the title page, right up front, before the instructions ever begin.

Given the consequences, you have no need to be careful, and are capable of doing just about anything, being clever in the beginning, forceful after that, and somewhere down this line, something unexpected happens, and surprises you gravely.

Work before play

You have parts, and you have a knack for assembling parts without reading the included instructions. Even if you do admit that from time to time, you do sometimes glance at the pictures, or the technical specifications. Also, you, like everyone else, sees that first page, the first page after the title page — the page listing the things you can do that will kill you or someone else — because it is always the same, and is true just about everything out there. If you are not dead by the time you read this, then you already know what is on that page. And so, you don’t read it. This saves some time. Which you can use some other time.

— but you believe anyway.

Work before play

A common house-hold-item is often-times difficult enough to put together. The silly-dilly is to be attached to the techno-doo-dad such that the glue is given time to fully cure, and make things permanent.

The glue. The glue? What glue?

Work before play

No instructions. No idea how to properly attach these two together — such that work is before play —  and such that it stays that way. But wait. You also have no idea that you need glue. Even if you happen to put work and play together so that they are flush, you are still missing the glue.

Work before play

The glue is what holds these two together, in a way that eventually outlasts friction, or tape. If you do not have glue, you will never succeed in making a machine that works, keeps working, and works well, whenever you need it to do some work.

If you don’t have glue, then what are you making? What are you putting together? And how are you connecting the parts? What are you doing, to make them stay together? Even when you are not looking.

Work before play

Work before play.

But you don’t have the instruction manual. Not only do you not have the designer’s instructions, perhaps very detailed instructions, for connecting these two things, you also don’t actually know which is which.

You have the parts — but the parts have no names on them. And you do not have the instruction manual, and cannot refer to the figures.

Work before play.


This is something I started late evening. After doing other stuff in the day.

Making choices the whole way through. Work within work.

Stopping to think about what to do next takes some time. And, you cannot take forever.

At some point, you will make a choice. In this regard, you are not free.

Good thing, too. Being forced to choose.

Reality is real. Fast too — always gone before you know it.

So choose before it hits. When one is prone to confusion.

Knowing what. Know when.

It’s the when that is difficult. You never know when.

You can’t teach it. Like you can the others.

According to rumor. And word on the street.

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