Love Story


Love stories are everywhere. They happen all the time.

What is separate comes together, and settles into a working union: A union that works for the individuals, and individuals that work for the union.

History holds examples of some very unlikely candidates getting together: Shrek and that girl; Mozart and that girl; Alice Cooper and that girl; and so on.

Here is the point: The story is always the same – there is always a girl involved.

So, let’s talk about the girl – the one in all the love stories.

She is the girl in the idyllic stories of love; and the girl in the stories of betrayal, poisoning, and war between nations.

The idyllic stories go mostly unnoticed, because the lover and beloved are not so far apart that extreme measures are required to bring them together; — Gravity is not an issue —  ;these stories are boring and uninteresting, and is probably the story you are most familiar with: These are the stories of your parents, friends, and colleagues.

Nothing in these stories is memorable enough for you to make sure you have story right.

The other kind of story is the one that gives you pause to stop and say: “You did what? That’s fucking crazy. You must have really been in love. Wow.”

There is always a girl involved.

There is the girl who is saved by farm boy when he slays the Dragon, freeing her from her prison, at once winning her love forever.

Then, there is there girl who poisons the King, and who assumes the crown when he is finally pronounced dead.

Which story is a love story, and which is not, is not easy to see.

Which story of the two above, the Dragon-slayer & the King-slayer, is the love story?

Both involve murder. Both involve cunning. Both involve a girl.

The girl – let’s talk about the girl.

This is not a matter of indifference – not when Dragons and Kings are involved.

Who is this girl?


Who is this girl?

Tell us about this girl. Who is she?

The one you met. After you busted her out of prison. By killing a dragon.

You are either completely stupid, or in love. Or an idiot.

Either way, you killed our dragon. You proved you could do it.

Now what?


Yes. We hear you. Her love. Forever. It’s yours.

However, you killed our dragon. Think about that for a moment, if you will.

First of all, it was not your dragon – it was ours.

After that, why in the fuck would you kill a dragon to win the love of a girl, forever, and not the girl herself? That’s number one.

Number two: Why put a dragon between you and one and only one girl?

After all, was it a test of your love?

Of course it was.

Of course it was.

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