zero friction is…


I am a semi-retired college philosophy professor — currently a part-time stay-at-home genius — who also does stuff and other stuff and stuff like that and whatnot. Whatever works.

At present there are headlines, images, and some snippets of text.

The headlines are topics (ideas) I have been rolling around in my head for some time now – I am getting them onto ZeroFriction as I see them again.

They (the ideas) are not unlike orbiting bodies, or children. Some are fun and humorous; some are serious and grave; some are ridiculous; all are loved.

The counterpoint between a headline and its banner image illustrates the idea that is to be put into words, more or less.

Some posts have a short snippet of text which serves the same purpose – I am trying to write (at least) something for each headline.

My intention is to put these ideas of mine into words such that others, or another, might arrive at the idea for him or herself. I make no claim that these ideas of mine are echoes of the truth of things – I only claim these ideas of mine are just that – mine; these are my ideas.

Also: There is always the matter of voice. Who’s talking? — is always the question. This may be puzzling. It does get tricky in the ideal world of zero friction.

Perhaps you might find something interesting to look at or read here. If not, then not.

Whatever works.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you return.

If you need somewhere to go in the meanwhile, I know a place. I even know where it is. It’s very opposite to here. Nonetheless, I will tell you how to get there.



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